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Oklahoma Style Bar-B-QOklahoma Style BBQ

A few years ago, the Wall Street Journal traveled all over the United States, searching for America’s best Bar-B-Q. Guess who was in the top 10? That's right, Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Q right here in Tulsa!

Mattie Bledsoe, owner of Oklahoma Style BBQ - Tulsa, OklahomaMattie Bledsoe Hayes, is the owner of Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Q, and for her, it’s all about tradition. Mattie started working for her Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Oscar at the young age of 14 at Pete's Bar-B-Q in North Tulsa. Mattie talks about those days with a gleam in her eyes. "I started cleaning the place. I guess you could say I was the janitor, coming in to work on weekends and nights, pretty much because I was legally too young to be working." When Mattie turned 17 and was old enough to "legally" work, she moved up to prepping the food and taking orders, pretty much what Mattie does today, except she’s now the owner with lots of good help!

1982 lead to the retirement of Uncle Oscar and that’s when Mattie became an official "partner" at Pete’s BBQ. Then in 1993, Mattie started Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Q. Recently, Mattie bought her own land and built a new restaurant located right across the street from her first location on North Harvard.

We asked Mattie what it was like to start a new restaurant on her own. "I felt anxious, yet excited about stepping out there with my very own business. But, something inside was telling me to step out there, so I did and I just kept looking forward".

Mattie said she came up with the brand name of "Oklahoma Style BBQ" from Pete’s. Pete’s original name was "Oklahoma BBQ", but he changed it to Pete’s BBQ. "I liked the original name of ‘Oklahoma BBQ.’ To make it a little different, my Sister Catrina suggested adding the word ‘Style’. I loved the way it sounded, so it was official. I chose ‘Oklahoma Style BBQ.’"

How was the response to your new location? "Things picked immediately, and people followed us right over to our new location on North Harvard".

Things are made the same as they were back in Pete's day, except for the smokers. There are now two high quality Southern Pride gas and wood commercial smokers to handle her volume of business.

Ribs and Brisket seem to be the most popular with Baked Beans and Potato Salad. But for me personally, I love the hot links! Wow, they are delicious! The perfect way to finish off a meal at OK Style BBQ is the sweet potato pie, also originally from Pete’s.

What sets OK Style BBQ apart from others BBQ restaurants in the area? Mattie says, "The secret is in the sauce! It’s made fresh daily, served with short ribs and all lean beef that is prepared daily, carrying the tradition from Pete’s BBQ".

And speaking of sauce, Mattie’s latest venture is now marketing her one of kind sauces. You can take home your own supply! It’s available right now to purchase at Oklahoma Style BBQ and will soon be available online as well! There are four flavors to choose from: Regular, Spicy, Tropical, and Lemon.

You can dine in at Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Q the address is 2231 North Harvard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can also call ahead and pick up your order at the drive thru by calling 918-835-7077.

Hours are:

Monday through Thursday 11:00am – 9:00pm

Friday and Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm

Closed on Sunday and Holidays

Be sure to check out her website at:


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